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We Are A Prominent Website Maintenance Company

Warsi Entrepreneurs is a top-rated website maintenance services company that is known for its quality. We are helping businesses to keep their websites up-to-date, secure, bug-free, and up & running with our expertise in diverse web technologies. Our maintenance plans are suitable for all types of sites irrespective of the size, industry, and website platform. We provide the right expertise and support that every business expects.

Our Website Maintenance Services

Get world-class maintenance services.

Security Patches & CMS Updates

We provide complete assistance for updating security patches. You can count on us for different types of website maintenance requirements. We will also offer support for regular CMS version upgrades to help you obtain the features and functionality of the newer edition of your existing CMS.

Full Web Maintenance

With our full web maintenance services, you can obtain complete assistance regarding your website patches updates, CMS up-gradation, plugin & theme updates, and fulfill other website maintenance needs including basic website design and development service.

WordPress Maintenance Service

WordPress comes with regular updates for the core installation, plugins, and themes. Your website functionality gets affected if you don’t perform proper updates on your WordPress website. We provide assistance for all WordPress updates & maintenance and help you keep your website up and running.

Benefits Of Opting For Our Website Maintenance Services

Know the advantages of choosing us as your website maintenance services company.

Website Analytics

We use different analytics tools to perform extensive analysis on your website for different metrics.

Fast Turnaround

We understand the importance of a website, and our services include promised turnaround times.

Content Updates

Content is the most crucial part of your website; we analyze existing content and update it when necessary.

Professional Service

We provide professional website maintenance service and take all the hassles out to manage your site.

Certified Specialists

Our team comprises certified website maintenance specialists who work by adhering to various standards.

Why Should You Choose Warsi Entrepreneurs Web Maintenance Service?

We are a reputed website maintenance company serving clients globally for more than a decade.

Well-Experienced Team

Our Warsi Entrepreneurs professionals are highly experienced and talented. They understand the most critical technical details of websites and render the right solutions that meet clients’ needs. Working as your website maintenance company, we cater to your needs effectively.

Hassle-Free Process

Our website maintenance service is hassle-free, and our professionals stay in constant touch with you throughout the process. They also provide quick assistance whenever you feel some trouble and resolve your queries. Our experts help you to resolve your issues promptly.

Regular Updates

Our developers perform regular updates on your website to make sure that it is entirely secure and functional for the end-users. Whether you want to add images, modify a link, delete a page copy, or anything else, our experts help you do it quickly. Being a full-scale web maintenance company, we offer end-to-end maintenance services.

High-Quality Service

A website maintenance services company like us always takes the quality of service very seriously. We don’t compromise with quality and ensure 100% satisfaction with our services. We understand the needs of our clients and provide solutions that fulfill their business objectives.

Quick Support

Our web maintenance services are easy to access and offer quick support for your business. You can easily reach out to our experts through simple communication channels like chats, phone calls, Skype, emails, and our own Project Management System.

Affordable Services

As we believe in a win-win situation, our web maintenance services are affordable for different types of businesses. You can choose from different plans to access a myriad of website maintenance services without any hassle.

No Worries…When Warsi Entrepreneurs Is Here For Your Assistance!

Warsi Entrepreneurs is Providing You One-stop It Solution Shop. Get Your Self Free From The Website Maintenance, It’s Our Responsibility When You Purchase The Service.

Our Cheap Website Maintenance Plan

Warsi Entrepreneurs provide monthly website maintenance packages which provide cheap website maintenance plan. Moreover, these plans cover a variety of domains, therefore, Warsi Entrepreneurs provides Web maintenance services to several types of online businesses. In addition, a few main services that we offer are as below:

Update – Upgrade Service

As a matter of fact, we provide web update and upgrade services in all of our cheap website maintenance plans. For instance, we help to update information on your website. Moreover, this may include the addition of new products, editions in the latest special hours, new services, and other business information.

Online and Offline Setup

We also provide offline and online setups in our cheap website maintenance plan. Adding to the context, we have an expert team of Web developers and editors. Moreover, they help you to set up offline and online marketing programs for your web enterprise.

Customer Acquisition

Actually, we also include customer acquisition in our cheap website maintenance plan. Moreover, we help you to create reasons so the visitors visit your website again. For instance, we help in the attractive customization of your web page. Moreover, we add innovative graphics to your website. Thus, visitors like your website’s environment and visit again. Furthermore, we also aim to create a feasible and user-friendly website.

Technical Support

As a matter of fact, we have hired expert web developers, system analysts, software developers, and other professionals. Moreover, we provide expert technical assistance in our cheap website maintenance plan. These experts help you with any issues that you may face. Furthermore, we provide free basic technical services which include these services.

  • Expert troubleshooting
  • Web designing guideline
  • Basic web development, and more.

Content Management Solutions

We also provide easy-to-use content management solutions in our cheap website maintenance plan. Adding to the context, our experts have studied the major issues that are faced by a majority of people who provide online services. Thus, our experts have devised easy solutions to these problems. Moreover, we also provide these content management solutions to you, if you are not our client at very nominal charges.

Business Support Management

We also provide business support management service on our cheap website maintenance plan. Adding to the context, we provide expert service in managing E-Commerce websites and their development. Moreover, our clients do not need to know any technical information. Our experts provide complete services. In addition, our cheap website maintenance plan is very likely to be an appropriate choice for our all clients related to E-Commerce.

Web Maintenance Services

Website Management is an ongoing process for making sure your website performs well, the content looks fresh, loads faster, and keeps up with the security updates. By offering you our cost-effective website maintenance, we keep your website updated. We offer Website maintenance at flexible rates on a monthly basis. Our affordable website maintenance pricing includes an Elementary plan, an Enhanced plan, and a Premium plan. You can select any plan according to your online business needs.

Hire us for your website management, you get professional and skilled IT professionals that offer website management services like:

  • Website updates
  • Security updates
  • Copy-writing or web content maintenance
  • Backups
  • Ensuring the operational integrity of your website
  • SEO and social media management services

A website that is not maintained regularly can possibly get attacked by hackers, run slow and maybe you can lose your data. We also provide timely suggestions on how to improve your website with our SEO services included in some of our packages.

Website Maintenance Services List

  • Security checks, backups, and preventative maintenance are an essential part of our plan. Our team is available 24/7 to assist you with any problem that occurs on your website.
  • At the end of a month, you’ll receive a report through which you’ll know that what has been done on your website in the past month and about its current status.
  • Our website management services have an effective security plan. It includes monthly system checks, database server modifications, and a monitored firewall. We also make sure to ban the list for any received spam.
  • E-Commerce Website Maintenance packages will also include updating product and services, Set page Titles, and optimize all images. We make sure your E-Commerce Store maintenance is up to the mark.

Website Maintenance For Business

  • Website maintenance for business is a necessity as your website represents your business. Nowadays people are smart enough to determine your credibility by finding your website. If your website is outdated and not optimized for different devices then you can lose many business opportunities.
  • If your business is big or small without website maintenance your effort on your website can be a loss. A vulnerable website has become the image of your business and this is why many businesses get the best website maintenance company to maintain their website and make you worry-free from all such issues.
  • We offer all services under a website maintenance plan. Please check our website maintenance packages.

Need Help With Your Website? We’re Here For You!

Submit a support ticket and we’ll get take care of your website! We try to respond to all tickets within 24 hours whenever possible.

Website Maintenance & Support

Maintenance is important for any website. Once the website is set up, it needs updating, monitoring, backups, and technical support.

Warsi Entrepreneurs offers professional and affordable website maintenance services with experienced gentles and masters. Who makes time to the time change to your website when you needed. We allow you to keep your website up-to-date, secure, and monitored at a fragment of the cost. Warsi Entrepreneurs is the best service provider for small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and organizations.

As a website maintenance company, we regularly see the instance in which small business owners insist their business website be designed, developed, and pushed live.

Our Activities

Website maintenance comprises all the activities needed to ensure the operational integrity of your website or the Internet. In other words, it is about doing all the things needed to make sure your website runs smoothly and accordingly to plan.

The activities from which Website Maintenance is composed are:

  • Website Publishing: to keep content up-to-date.
  • Website Quality Assurance: To spot errors on a site.
  • Website Feedback Monitoring: To manage communication with website visitors.
  • Website Performance Monitoring: To measure success.
  • Website Infrastructure Monitoring: To supervise hosting.
  • Change Control: To manage technical and other changes in a coordinated way.

These are the activities that will be carried out by our web maintenance teams.

Maintaining Your Website With Design and Skills

Since most companies and organizations do not maintain Web designers and developers on staff, their online presence often suffers. In the downward spiral that follows, your site will see its search rankings falter, its visitors fail to convert and your brand loses its shine and appeal.

Keeping your site up-to-date needs not to be worried about now. Warsi Entrepreneurs’ web maintenance service protects your site and investment and assures your needs for content management met and exceeded.


Content Updates

  • Update information, listening, promotions, news, and announcements.
  • Image manipulation and placement.
  • Create/place adobe PDF documents.
  • Plan and execute content updates.


Website Audits

  • Comprehensive Review of your Site.
  • Recommendations to allow your site to load faster.
  • Test and Review the workflow.
  • Copywriting for search engine Optimization.


Site Restructuring

  • Analyze and improve site information architecture and structure.
  • Improve site layout and appearance.
  • Execute planned updates.

If this sounds like what you are looking for, give us a call or send us an email by clicking here.


Our Environment

Fast: No doubt, we are available to you via email or phone for having your requests. We have a commitment to provide you the fastest service and response to make you feel reliance.

Proactive: We don’t wait for the failures. We actively monitor your site for updates, uptime, and backups. We own the technical preventative maintenance needed for a high-quality experience for your website users.

Knowledgeable: we hire technically skilled and proven web developers. We’ve vetted out all of our staff so that you don’t have to worry about the level of knowledge or capability. To add to that, we have a deep bench of expertise. Should you have a unique maintenance need, we can most likely meet it.

Friendly: We hire nice people that are easy to talk to. To add to that, you have access to the entire team. If an issue arises that requires we pull in additional resources, we can.

Accountable: we treat your time like the money it is and carefully tend to it. Bankable hours, an online ticketing system, a time tracking system, and easy terms make Gexton Web highly accountable for your investment.

Why Choose Us?

We deliver your project on time, on budget, and also with exceptional customer service. No project is too small and there’s no such thing as a silly question. Our core values demonstrate who we are and how we work.

Read what our clients say about our website maintenance and support services. If you’d like to discuss your requirements in more detail, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We Evaluate Your Site To Maintain Your Reputation

We have your website to stay aware of every one of the various increases on your site and to modernize it for new forms alongside security discharges. Our significant site administrations keep your brand and your brand site from any kind of negativity. One of the significant purposes behind site hacking is, not keeping your site refreshed with the most recent security patches.

Warsi Entrepreneurs, being the best web facilitating organization keeps an eye on a hawk on your website and continue keeping up the worker to keep the standing of your image sufficient. We stay aware of every one of the specific expansions on your site and screen it for new forms and security releases. Our team routinely notices for refreshes and keeps up reinforcements to proceed with your site with wellbeing and required adjustments.

We Can Fix The Bugs On Your Site

Managing website issues could be delicate as it’s anything but a matter of “if and but” when web servers get coordinated, you may experience to confront difficulties like hardware failure, a virus, whatever turned out will leave you with the issue and could lead in demolishing the standing of your brand.

However, Warsi Entrepreneurs has you perfectly; we keeping maintaining customary reinforcements since we know the value of your site. With our services we generally play out a back-up before we play out some other capacities on your website also; our capable can reestablish your site inside a little entry of time.

Quick-Loading Web Pages

The exceptionally committed team of Warsi Entrepreneurs incorporates the modules in the affirmed way and ensures that the code in conduct influences the presentation and speed of website pages. A poorly designed website runs slowly or inconveniences in execution, and loses the interest of visitors that is the reason we should keep the speed and quick performance of the website in thought.

Your Customers Need Change

Change is amazing when done appropriately. Putting resources into your site and its support consistently can captivate your clients and help in enhancing their commitment to your brand. Your website is a stable gateway between your guests and your brand. The state and importance of your site is a communicated impression of the state and pertinence of your brand that is the reason your website’s normal support is so basic.

Design, as well as the content, need to get change the outdated content is an element that makes a negative impact on the vision of your clients. Additionally, being the main brand there could be the danger of having your site hacked which can make an object and negative effect on your brand, by deactivating such dangers our group keeps your clients refreshed and your website maintained up to shield your brand from any negative or dangerous happenings.

Excellent WordPress

To keep WordPress working like the finely polished engine, there is some webpage maintenance we propose you and do it for your brands’ site often. Overhauling WordPress is the lube occupation that your brand needs once in a period. WordPress is quickly expanding and developing as more attributes and capacities are being incorporated.

It is exhorted that you should get check in with WordPress for the most recent updates and enhancements at any rate after like clockwork, a half year, and no more. We help your image in refreshing WordPress and furnish you with extraordinary WordPress administrations with the most recent and modernized updates.

Support & Maintenance Services in Havelian

With the passage of time, businesses change their strategies to increase return-on-investment (ROI). This boosts numerous business forms and requires the need to overhaul or improve the software so, rest can be adjusted with added features or eliminate constraints. Also, the software maintenance services require a considerable amount of effort and spending plan.

We offer support services providing our clients with enhanced software in a timely manner and with costs cut and all bugs fixed, thus, effectively providing solutions that fulfill the business’s new requirements. We provide reliable maintenance and support services after your website or application is delivered and running successfully. Clients and organizations rely upon us to give them the best of our expertise such as:

  • Software Support
  • App Maintenance
  • System Monitoring

Software Support


App Maintenance


System Monitoring


Yes, you can buy as many monthly website development packages as you need.

Yes, you can discuss your requirements with our experts and then buy additional services.

Yes, you can skip any services that you don’t need in our monthly website development package?

As a matter of fact, Warsi Entrepreneurs provide cheap website maintenance plans. Therefore, we also provide cheap additional services if you buy.

Yes, we can help you to maintain your website even if you are a new client.

Warsi Entrepreneurs is a technology company which provides cheap website maintenance plan in our monthly website maintenance packages.

You can use your time for content updates, design updates, graphic design, newsletter, bug fixes, or just getting extra advice. Overages are billed at the standard rate.

You may cancel at any time. Services will end at the time of cancellation.

We can’t make such guarantees, however, the processes we have in place make being hacked much less likely. If you combine our practices with strong passwords and good security configurations, you can sleep at night knowing your site is secure.

(Seriously, use strong passwords.)

Unused time does not roll over to the next month.

Each month you’ll receive a detailed maintenance report that includes details about stored backups, updates that were completed, optimizations that were completed, analytics data, and security scans.

It’s never-ending as website maintenance is an ongoing process. With the continuous evolution of a website, it keeps embracing new standards and new methods of doing things are available due to scalability. Thus website updation and maintenance are necessary. Some updates may take a longer time. If you just want to change the image on a blog or article, doing this will take only a few minutes for a reputable company. To better understand and anticipate the total hour of work to be spent on your site for maintenance, you need to first understand your maintenance requirements.

It’s a process that entails several steps for ensuring that a website is up-to-date as well as there are no technical/non-technical glitches or errors that may negatively impact its performance. Being crucial for every website, it should be performed regularly. Especially for websites that drive revenue or inbound leads for a business, website maintenance is necessary. Through website maintenance, website owners can tune-up site security, performance, usability, speed, and other functionality to remain on top.

Yes sure, Send your comments with updates then we will discuss and implement desired changes in your site.

When you opt for a website maintenance service at Warsi Entrepreneurs, there will be an account manager at your disposal who will also be the point of communication. The manager will be a liaison to the development team that will perform all the maintenance work.

For development work, the standard billing rate at Warsi Entrepreneurs is $20 per hour. Working with your business, we will determine a pricing structure and maintenance plan that will be in accordance with your budget and website goal.